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Pictured with Lynn Marriott @ WFGS 2008.  Lynn is one of the co-creators of VISION54.


I recently had the good fortune to sit in on a VISION 54 seminar.  VISION54 is a unique, fresh way of looking @ golf and how we practice.  What really hit home with me was their concept of Attention & Intention.  When you go to the range, what is your intention?  Are you there to improve?  If so, where will your Attention be?  Most golfers just go & beat balls.  Not only is this worthless, according to V54 it is probably detrimental.  The reason is that you’re teaching yourself to hit golf shots without focus, without preparation, without any foresight, etc…and this is the exact opposite of a round of golf.  You’re training the wrong thing.  

So, here’s where Tour Tempo can be so powerful as part of the V54 mindset. You go to the range with the intention of improving your swing and/or your tempo.  With Tour Tempo, your ATTENTION is on the TONES.  Every time you swing, you ARE focused, your are mentally prepared and you are concentrating in the PRESENT MOMENT.  You are PRESENT.  Tour Tempo demands that you be there mentally.  To V54 and most golf psychologists, tHis is a must if you want to perform.

Tour Tempo gives you the right tempo, but it also gives you the right mindset, it gives you a taste of what it’s like to be focused with attention.   This is why we see dramatic & incredible results with golfers.  

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My little brother Scott Novosel pictured above with Tony Robbins and John Novosel, Sr.

Great Testimonial

“I took up golf to have some quality time with my boys, but because my life is insanely busy with constant travel all over the world – I found that I had little time to practice, and that making progress in the game was a daunting task.

That’s why I’m so impressed with the immediate and quantifiable results after a one day session with you and your Tour Tempo VIP training, I went from hitting my 7 iron 140 yards to 160 yards – my driver from 240-245 to 265-275 – and am now hitting the ball with confidence and it’s going straight.

p.s. I out drove my golfing partners yesterday when I hit two drives on consecutive holes that measured 285 yards and 282 yards and that was only 3 days after the VIP!”

Tony Robbins

Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist


There are so many tips out there, let’s analyze ‘Accelerate the arms into impact’ 

1. ‘Accelerate the arms on the downswing’ – This tip has been around and was even given during the REMAX World Long Drive Championship.  Make sense, right?  You need to swing fast, right? 

2. Here comes the earth shattering part – You actually have to have a HUGE DECELERATION of the arms on the downswing.   I know you’re questioning me here, but I’ve got evidence.  If you look at the Kinematic Sequence (the arms curve is the blue curve) and you’ll see a huge acceleration and then a huge decel.  For more evidence, Bob Grober (Head Physicist @ Yale), has just released a new paper explaining this phenomenon:  
I’ve attached graphs from his paper that show exactly what happens. If you look at what happens from the open blue circle to the red star to the blue star, you see that on the downswing the arms have a rapid acceleration, then a huge deceleration, and then a small amount of time to reaccelerate. 

To get a basic of understanding of this, try this experiment.  Pretend you’re going to try to ‘sting’ someone with a towel (or better yet grab a towel).  In the first case, try to accelerate your forearm as fast as possible.  In the second case, try to accelerate your forearm and then decel your forearm as fast as you can and notice what happens.  The energy will transfer to the towel and it will snap!   

3. Kernel of truth – It is true you need that acceleration to start, but if you keep accelerating, the energy won’t release to the club.  If you didn’t have a lever, then you’d need that to accelerate the entire time….but you do have a lever, so you need to transfer that energy. 

4. Drill – A great drill for you to try is the ‘Hit and Hold drill’.  It works best with a Speedball.  You take a 3/4 backswing and then try to hit the target hard, but try to stop immediately after impact.  This drill really helps you feel the decel.  Also, it gives you great feedback to find out  where you are post impact.  Are you flipped?  Are you chicken winged?  Or are you in that Y position.  When you first try this drill, make a small easy backswing and then try to stop post impact.  Work your way up to bigger swings.  You don’t want to hurt yourself by trying to make a full swing and stopping abruptly.   

Once you learn to do this drill correctly, take that same feeling and try to apply it to a full swing.  Your arms/hands will begin to act correctly.  

Bottom Line – As with anything golf, there is a difference between feel and real.   I don’t feel a huge decel of my arms, but that is what happens.  I do try to keep my arms going, but the forces involved are what decelerates them.    Just try the hit and hold drill and that should start to train you. (Shameless Plug  – best done with mirrors and a Speedball)    That is why I love drills to train a golfer.  Once you learn to do the drill it will help you. Tips, on the other hand, are sometimes vague and it’s hard to know if you’re doing them correctly.  

"Beter Tempo, betere swing"

“Beter Tempo, betere swing”

Click on the link above to see the latest in The Netherlands. Page 17 seems very interesting for people who are looking to get “betere.”

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